Meet Me!

Hi there! Welcome to Adventures of a Wild Sunflower, a place I created to show off the things I am most passionate about. My name is Nicole, wife to Jason, friend to many, sister, daughter and more! Jason and I travel all over for his work, moving every six months to a year! People are quick to glamorize it but it's not always easy! So this is a place I created to help myself feel more grounded with the constant change in my surroundings! 

I like knowing the people behind the blogs I follow so in order to make you feel more at home while you're checking things out, here are a few things about me!

I have freckles and red hair, but I promise my freckles are not from all the souls I have stolen. I think my friends would say I am kind and thoughtful, but not all get my somewhat dry sense of humor. I don't like my hair pulled...Ever, I don't think its funny. I laugh at really inappropriate times (like when someone falls) completely beyond my control. I like flowers and candles, and all things new. My happiest days include Starbucks and yoga pants. I love a good hug. I think there is music for every mood, and I should know because I probably experience at least 3 a day! I'm not patient but I'm working on that, everyday! I wear glasses and love them; my face looks funny without them... especially to me because without them I cant see. I'm a worrier of the worst kind, I let all things big and small consume me with all the negative possibilities, and I'm working on that too. My favorite food is pizza and I love New York City! I had the opportunity to live in that AMAZING city for a blissful year while Jason worked there and I cant wait to go back! I have this little quirk where I like to chew gum but only for 5 minutes, after that its nothing more than an irritant to me. I'm my own harshest critic, but a damn good speller. I will never understand why spiders of all creatures cant be endangered.

I have a lot of things planned for this blog of mine and I hope you have a good time checking things out! Enjoy looking around and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

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